​​      ​ ​      J   a   m   i   s   o   n

America isn’t actually the land where the breakfast of champions comes in a bowl, but rather a seductive pasture where the need to obey your thirst for the undying greed of ultimate artificial satisfaction is served daily.  Buffett style. Intellect has been replaced by a bloodthirsty passion that eludes reality and vigorously challenges all lonely onlookers to become rapacious, ardent entrepreneurs. And I’m all for it.  All you need is an email address, credit card, half a brain, and a little bit of guts for Christ’s sake, and you can be approved today.  Just take the dull, make it shiny, lie about it intentions, and welcome to the top…

 In the following work the artist blithely debunks the artificial refinement of American culture while auditing society and engaging in common misconceptions of a fractured popular reality.

JAMISON  lives and works in New York City.